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2009-2010 Shooting Hours
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Moon Lunar Calendar for Hunting and Fishing California Hunters Safety Education Practice Questions
Five-Choice Application Template in EXCEL San Francisco Bay Area Shooting Ranges 
Hunting Photo Album  
Waterfowl Photos of the World
and Wildlife areas for
Kesterson, Frietas, Los Banos, Salt Slough, San Luis, West Bear Creek, Volta, Gadwall, Merced, China Island 


Hunting & Firearms Links

2008 Waterfowl Hunt Reports for California State Wildlife Areas 
California Wildlife Refuge Reservation Results 
Sacramento CA National Wildlife Refuge Hunting
San Luis CA National Wildlife Refuge
  California Refuge Gang Forum Duck Hunting Chat Jesse's Waterfowl Forum    
Hunting Talk Forums California Waterfowl Association   
  Ducks Unlimited
Jesse's Hunting Page for California
 Duck Calling Sounds That Every Duck Hunter Must Master 
  Decoy Placement  Hunting & Waterfowl Links    
Field Dressing a Deer   Dry Ageing Meat of Waterfowl 

Proper Care of Game Birds for Taxidermy Mounts

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