California Hunters Education Safety Study Practice Test Questions

The test is 100 questions and you need 80% to pass. Here are some 50+ study questions to provoke thought.

1)   Where is game most prevalent in a habitat?
What is intoxicated?
3)   Can you hunt when you are intoxicated? True False
Which way do you adjust the rear site of a gun to bring it to the center of the bull’s eye?
    A-If it is shooting to the right you move left.
    B-You move it toward the direction you want it to move.
    C-You move the front site.
Names these sizes of shot in shotgun shells from smallest to largest 3-F
        ____   _____   _____   _____  _____   ______    
6)    How do you string a bow?
7)    What is a powder horn and how do you use it?
8)    How close can you be to a structure before you can shoot a firearm legally? ____________
9)    What main parts are they’re of a rifle?
10)  Name the five types of actions.
11)  Name the rifle cartridge sizes from bigger to smaller.25-06, 30-30, 30-06, 22.
            ____ _____ _____ _____
12)  What 4 parts make up a rifle cartridge?
13)  What type of cartridge is it unlawful to hunt big game mammals?
14)  What 5 parts make up a shotgun shell?
15)  What is the definition of a shooting zone?
16)  Is the safety located in the same spot on all guns?
17)  How is the bullet diameter measured?
18)  What is the first thing you admit to yourself when you are lost?
19)  How do you cross a fence with a modern rifle when you are alone?
20)  How do you cross a fence with a black powder rifle?
21)  What is a rim-fire cartridge?
22)  Explain why you should or shouldn’t transport game across the front hood of a vehicle.
23)  How do you put a muzzleloader on safety?
24)  How do you string a bow?
25)  Where is the safest place to store your arrows when hunting?
26)  Explain how you get yourself and gear into a tree stand?
27)  What shouldn’t you do when you are shooting in a boat?
28)  Explain why you need to keep broad head arrows razor sharp?
29)  What are the 5 areas that make up a habitat?
30)  What is the best area to hunt in a habitat?
31)  Name two types of land areas set aside for the protection of wildlife?
32)  What are the five needs of wildlife?
33)  When game exceeds the carrying capacity of a habitat. Hunters hunt the _______ to bring the capacity to a normal level.
34)  Describe the difference between the inside of a shotgun VS a Rifle.
35)  What are the four types of shotgun chokes?
36)  What is the name the effective range of these chokes?
37)  Gradual changes to habitat are called succession? True False
38)  What type of shot is it legal to hunt waterfowl with?
39)  Where should you aim at when game is on top of a ridge?
40)  Can you carry a loaded firearm in a vehicle in California?
41)  How far can a 22 rim-fire, travel and can it go further.
42)  Name the purpose of a safety.
43)  What three major things that cause game spoilage?
44)  Why do safe hunters not carry deer over their shoulders?
45)  Explain matching of bow and arrow.
46)  What is safe and secure place to have arrows when not shooting?
47)  When is the only time your arrows should be nocked?
48)  What are the four things you should do when you realize you’re lost?
49)  How many of any loud noise is a signal for help?
50)  What are the 2 major threats in and around water?
51)  How do you know are loading the right size ammunition into the action?
52)  What is the greatest enemy of a lost hunter?
53)  What can happen if you load the wrong size ammunition in a gun?
54)  What is hypothermia?
55)  When you slip and fall with your gun what should you do?
            A) Protect your gun from scratches and nicks.
            B) Throw your gun away from you.
            C) Control the muzzle of the gun in a safe direction.
            D) Make sure your action is open.
56)  What is meant by the carrying capacity of a habitat ?
57)  What is the greatest contributor toward wildlife management?
            A) Ducks Unlimited
            B) Hunting license fees
            C) Mule Deer Foundation
58)  Is a cross bow part of Archery equipment?
59) When may you use a cross bow?
              A ) Archery season
               B ) Rifle season 
                   C ) Both 
               D ) Neither

60)  Is a  cross bow classified as a rifle or archery ?




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