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The purpose of this page is to help youths and everyone else focus on questions that are needed to Pass California Hunters Education or Safety as I used to call it.

I just recently went with my daughter (12) and son (8). I took the class just to see what the questions were like. This course and test had more to do with total education than safety, which I thought it was going to be based around. Out of 100 questions my daughter passed  with 81% and I passed 97% but my son 67% did not and he can quote all the safety rules related to firearms. My daughter has had no exposure or had the want to hunt or shoot. But with firearms in the house (locked up of course) my wife and I felt she needed to go. I am quite proud of her and she now wants to hunt boar and go shooting. My son was crushed. But quickly recovered.

    Well on my sons second pass he received a 72% not quite there. I for first time felt despair because I  thought I could not help him much more. He on the other hand still wanted to get his license. What we did differently was to study the meaning of the words he does not use everyday and have him make sentences using those words so he has comprehension of what they mean. Also I used these study questions and mixed up them up with true and false questions and multiple choice's. We did this five times within two days of the test. On his third attempt he passed with an 88%.Just a note they did change the test around. Just a note 4-8 10 Year olds and under did not pass each time.

You are now able to take Californias Study and test online. See the link below.


 Click on the link below for study questions. These will be based around my son’s second attempt to take the test and pass.
This test is tough for an 8-year-old 

Belas California Hunters Education Safety Study Practice Test Questions
California Hunters Education DFG Website

OFFICIAL ONLINE California Hunter Safety Course and Hunting License Test


In reviewing resources Texas has wonderful on-line test questions.
Washington State Manuals
International Hunters Education Association

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